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Red Light Therapy

While invented by NASA many years ago, red light therapy is only now gaining popularity as a tool for pain and skin-beautification.

Red light therapy does not give you a tan since it is at the opposite end of the rainbow compared to ultra-violet rays (tanning rays). Red light is a stronger wavelength than any other type of light allowing it to penetrate deeply (to about 8-10 mm) into the skin. Once absorbed, the light energy is converted to cellular energy, stimulating the body’s natural processes on a cellular level and triggering a whole series of metabolic events, such as reducing fine lines, reducing acne, and much more. This stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to give our skin a beautiful glow. Our Red Light Therapy bed has taken it to the next level by integrating this therapy into a total body enhancement.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Makes your skin look and feel younger
  • Firms and tones skin
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Dramatically reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps damaged skin heal up to 200% faster
  • Eliminates stretch marks in most guests
  • Greatly reduces scarring
  • Effective treatment for acne
  • Evens out pigmentation
  • Restores moisture to the skin
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Effective treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Reduces redness and flushing
  • Fights the appearance of cellulite
  • Relieves Chemo side effects
  • Alleviates “SAD”
  • Helps with mild depression
  • Reduces migraine tension

Why Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a safe all-natural process that encourages your body to naturally produce enzymes. Thus, producing a younger, smoother firmer feeling skin. Infrared Light Technology has been extensively researched and used by NASA, Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, US Military, and many more worldwide. It has been found to be effective at repairing damaged skin, treating depression, relieving pain, treating wounds and much more!

The Results are Amazing

Initial (First 4 Weeks)
Initially you’ll notice fine lines start to diminish, your skin will have a much smoother feeling to it, pigmentation will start to even out, and any blemishes or acne will start diminishing.

Long Term (4 – 12 Weeks)
Over time improved oxygenation and detoxification of the skin is achieved as the vascular walls of the skin’s small blood vessels are strengthened, followed by improved natural repair and creation of healthy skin. This will help restore and firm up tired looking skin, decrease fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, diminish freckles, age spots, eliminate acne, even out pigmentation, minimize the size of facial pores, improve the appearance of sun-weathered skin, and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Overall improving the skin’s underlying supportive structure and making you look and feel years younger.

Wrinkles of a man's face before and after red light therapy sessions.

Recommended Treatment Plan

Four 15-minute sessions per week for 4 weeks, then 2-3 sessions per week until desired results are achieved. Thereafter, maintain with 1-2 sessions each week.

What a difference 5 red light treatments makes! I tore open my knee mountain biking and it just wasn’t healing as fast as I wanted it to.
– Jen Goldstein

Should You Use Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is an outstanding treatment for many people. There are, however, some people who should not use this treatment.


It is not recommended that you use Red Light Therapy if you:

  • Are pregnant / breastfeeding
  • Have low blood pressure
  • Have a history of dizziness, fainting spells, heat sensitivity, narcolepsy, or seizures
  • Have active carcinoma
  • Have malignant tissue
  • Have hemorrhaging
  • Are actively bleeding
  • Have infectious diseases
  • Are sensitive to light
  • Are taking blood thinners
  • Are taking nitrates
  • Are undergoing chemotherapy

We suggest that you consult your primary health care physician for authorization.

Possible Side Effects

While side effects are not common, if they do occur, they’re usually mild and short-lasting. They may include: increased sensation, itching, pain to the treated area, uncomfortable warmth to the treated area, skin irritation, and eyestrain / headache.

The float tank and the light therapy were both relaxing and therapeutic for me. I’m looking forward to using the sauna next time.
– Christina Hundt

Reverse the Clock with our Red Light Therapy Packages

One Treatment

$15 | 1/15 Minutes
(expires one year after purchase)

Five Treatment

$70 | 5/15 Minutes
(expires one year after purchase)

Ten Treatment

$130 | 10/15 Minutes
(expires one year after purchase)


Arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to check-in and fill out waivers before your appointment. To speed up this process, download, print, and sign your waiver form, then bring with you to your appointment.