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Give the gift of Relaxation.

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Massage by Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage

Hi, I’m Kim. A mom, wife, Virgo, extremely fond of animals, an avid Oiler, and absolutely LOVE helping to facilitate whole-body wellness and the natural healing process!

I am also a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified BodyMind Coach, Certified Myokinesthetic (MYK) Therapist, and have 25 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I offer customized Body treatments with optional therapies including MYK, Reiki, Cupping, BodyMind Connection Coaching and “Raindrop” Therapy.

Call 608.386.1264 for options and availability to book your customized Body Treatment soon…you deserve it!

Kimberly Gumz

Meet Kimberly Gumz, owner of Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage at Serenity Waters!

Swedish & Relaxation Massage

$70/60 Minutes | $95/90 Minutes

Couples Massage is the same charge, but for each person.

Add a Specialty Treatment to Your Session

Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage Cupping treatment at Serenity Waters.


Known to help with:
Pain relief, de-stressing, detoxification, inflammation, clearer skin, cellulite, digestion, and respiratory issues.


Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage Deep Tissue treatment at Serenity Waters.

Deep Tissue

Targets deep muscle tissues to promote better blood circulation.

CAUTION: May cause some discomfort post-massage.

$5/30 minutes

Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage Raindrop treatment at Serenity Waters.


A massage treat for your senses using pure essential oils to stimulate every chakra, organ, muscle, and bone of the body at a cellular level. Young Living Essential Oils are added to your body massage for a one of a kind experience to help move you through what’s stopping you (usually yourself) from feeling amazing and living the life you want or dream of!

The oils used are known to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic amongst other beneficial properties.


Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage Reiki treatment at Serenity Waters.

Reiki Infused: Rei=Spiritual Ki=Vital energy 

Amp up your session with the power of Reiki!

The spiritual healing art of Reiki works by channeling positive life force Ki (energy) into your body and is often described as calm healing or hands-on-body healing to facilitate the patient’s natural process of healing. Reiki works on different levels: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and enhancing everything in life.

One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep, and improves and maintains good health. Clients have experienced less brain fog, more clarity, better spiritual harmony, and depression relief.



Ultrasound Cavitation Technology
Non-invasive and non-surgical ultrasound Lipo therapy
Safely removes fat cells and reduces cellulite & may tighten loose skin

A low-cost, painless alternative to freezing techniques and traditional invasive plastic surgery

New Client Special $299/3 treatments

*Free consultation required

Berkana Bodysculpt & Massage body sculpting at Serenity Waters.
Berkana Bodysculpt and Massage Myokinesthetic Therapy treatments at Serenity Waters

MYK (Myokinesthetic) Therapy

Myo=muscle Kinesthetic=movement

The pain you experience can be from your nervous system being out of balance. With MYK I can tell where your nervous system is out of balance by a posture evaluation.

“Posture is the outward expression of the nervous system.”

“By balancing the posture, we balance the nervous system. When the nervous system is balanced, the body begins to work the way it’s supposed to work with range of motion increasing and pain decreasing.”

MYK has shown to help with:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Limited range of motion due to surgery or injury
  • Headaches: tension, migraine, hormonal
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder problems: Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, bursitis…
  • Carpal tunnel symptoms
  • Tennis/Golfers elbow
  • Neuropathy/numbness
  • Hip and other joint problems
  • Restores movement and function
  • Posture

$75/Posture Assessment (required) and 1st treatment
$40/30 minute treatments

BCertified Bodymind coach badge logo.

BodyMind Connection Coaching

Coaching & Massage Package Prices Available

Our minds are a record of the past. Our experiences are a combination of what our brains and bodies record, mostly the emotion we assign to each experience. We have neurological networks wired together to create the way we respond to experiences. We will run this program over and over again when faced with similar situations — the body goes into auto-pilot.

A long term stress response creates down regulation in our genes and immune system, and ultimately body issues and mental illness prevail. Connecting thoughts and experiences through conversation and massage is a very unique transformational process to harmonize the Body & Mind.

Most importantly is understanding where you experience this energy in the body. Most of us walk around living in our head and assigning negative thoughts to most of our experiences. If we can locate the place, texture, and the details of what and where that negative contraction comes from in the body, then we have just made a BodyMind connection! Once that’s truly felt in the body, we then re-assign the emotion that you want to feel. AHHHHH, the neurons begin to create tiny tendrils in a newer set of networks just by this process alone. Everything is possible here.

Once we have identified the new emotion that you’re inviting in, then we do the important embodiment work. This may come in many ways—ranging from massage, Raindrop Massage, Reiki, and/or MYK Treatments. It’s powerful to come into full touch with what was missing, and when you embody a new emotion you actually release new chemicals from the glandular system. You say YES to oxytocin which seriously makes a change in the body. It’s a body/mind process in which we get in touch with ourselves so we can hear what the wisdom of the body knows and desires.

The way to lasting change is implementation. Taking committed action toward the steps that your inner guidance system reveals to you. Take your next steps forward as you continue this process with me and break free from those barriers that were once imprisoning you.

We all have a deep connection to source and a purpose to fulfill. It can be a huge, earth-shattering goal, or it can simply be a sense of peace. Your goals could be as simple as stressing less, be in less pain, or just change the way you “carry” stress and pain. Come away from living inside the mind, and come back into the body, your home. Enact true change and raise the feeling you walk within this life. BodyMind connection coaching is an excellent and unique opportunity to help you achieve this. I assure you the life you desire is available to you and there is always the true possibility of a life fulfilled!

Written by: Julie Kouyate and Edited by Kimberly Gumz